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Miller Family Moves into New Habitat Homes

2020 will be a special year for Tricia and her family. In late January, they moved into their renovated Habitat home on Roosevelt Street. Tricia and her four children, Tristan, Hunter, Gaige, and Grace now get to enjoy a home where everyone has a place they can call their own. Their new home provides a bedroom for each family member, a welcome relief after living in a two-bedroom apartment where all four children shared a room. For the first time in eight years, Tricia’s family will be able to sit down at a dining room table all together to enjoy a meal.

“It’s all just been amazing,” Tricia said calmly before pausing to take a deep breath. “Meeting new people and watching how generous they are with their time. It’s just amazing. I can’t thank everyone enough.”

The work on Tricia’s future home began in July 2019 after Habitat worked with the City of Dubuque to purchase the existing home for $1. The home had been a duplex and Habitat knew that opening it up to create a single-family home would provide the right amount of space for Tricia’s family. More than 200 community members volunteered approximately 1,200 hours to help demo the interior down to the studs and rebuild it to become the home it is today. In addition to community volunteers, Habitat engaged with generous subcontractors who donated time and materials to help make this project affordable. See a full list of sponsors and partners that supported this project at the end of this story. To put it simply, this home would not have been possible for Tricia’s family without these generous organizations and individuals.

Tricia’s son Tristan said it doesn’t seem real that this house is now their own. “It’s amazing to see all of the people that set aside their own time to go and help other people,” said Tristan.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and partners which include: John Deere, Crescent Electric Company, Cottingham & Butler, City of Dubuque, Diamond Vogel, Dubuque Racing Association, Geisler Brothers Co., ITC, Midwest Storm Company, Prudential, Spahn and Rose, Westfield, Alliant Energy Foundation, BARD Materials, Dittmer Recycling, Dubuque Rotary Club, Dutrac Community Credit Union, Gerhard’s Kitchen and Bath Store, Interiors by Design, Joseph Mulgrew – Builder, Kwik Trip, Loras Weber Concrete Construction, MB Mold & Air Quality Testing, McDermott Excavating, McDonough Foundation, O’Meara Custom Products, Paramore Hardwood Floors, R&W Restoration, Steve’s Ace Home & Garden, Theisen’s Home Farm Auto, Verlo Mattress, Wahlert Foundation, Ken Arensdorf Electric.

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